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111skin is a luxurious skincare line created by founder Dr Yannis Alexandrides.
Dr Yannis is a British and American board certified plastic surgeon specializing in facial reconstructive and rejuvenation surgery.
He was one of the first surgeons who also advocated non surgical procedures and is a pioneer in innovative cosmetic treatments.
Since 2001 he is the director of the renowned 111 Harley St. clinic in London where the 111 Skincare line is part of the procedures.


Tried and tested: 
This amazing hydrogel eye mask works best when cooled in the fridge before use
It de-puffs, reduces dark circles, tightens and refreshes the eye area.
To use remove from protective packaging and place each individual mask right under the eyes on cleansed dry skin, sit back and relax for 20 minutes…
An absolute pleasure to use with truly amazing results.

‘The anti-fatigue cooling and soothing eye treatment.’
Inspired by the invigorating effects of extreme cold on the skin, this innovative hydrogel mask works to tackle signs of fatigue by alleviating puffiness and improving skin resilience. A powerful tetrapeptide and marine complex works to restore contours and tighten stress lines to fortify the delicate eye area. With its effects intensified if kept in the fridge; the appearance of dark circles are reduced, resulting in an uplifted, enlivened eye area.
Anti-oedema properties for effective de-puffing.
Reduces the volume of under-eye bags to restore contours.
Improves the appearance of dark circles around the eyes by decreasing the intensity of discolouration.
Epidermis is reinforced and the appearance of wrinkles diminished.


Tried and tested: 
This powerful lift of cleanser is excellent for blemish prone and oily skin, it deeply yet gently deep cleanses the pores with alpha hydroxy acids to remove dead skin cells
Lathers well with a delightful clean scent.

This Purifying Cleanser, with hydrating ingredients, gently cleanses, fights free radicals and removes dead skin cells that clog pores. This is our everyday non-foaming cleanser recommended for all skin types.
Gently cleanses and purifies the skin
Restores skin’s pH levels and eliminates impurities and build-up
Improves circulation in the skin for a radiant and healthy glow
Protects against free radical damage


Tried and tested: 
The anti-blemish tonic absorbs oil and reduces inflammation of the skin while fighting acne and impurities.
With salicylic acid as a powerful antibacterial ingredient that stimulates skin renewal.
Perfect in combination with the lift off cleanser.

This Anti Blemish Tonic helps to neutralise stressed and fatigued skin while minimising excess oils. This soothing formula also reduces inflammation and stimulates skin renewal. The Tonic fights Acne and is designed to eliminate breakouts before they surface.
Cleansing tonic, suitable for acne prone skin
Salicylic acid has a powerful antibacterial effect, which reduces inflammatory processes and stimulates skin renewal
Saw Palmetto helps to reduce the production of sebum and excess oils


Tried and tested: 
This space anti age day cream is a super rich yet non clogging face treat.
It protects against day damage and stimulates collagen production.
An absolute hydrating and nourishing delight for the skin with a gentle soothing scent.

This rich Day Cream protects the skin from environmental damage and stimulates collagen production. The vitamin, antioxidant, and Hyaluronic Acid infused formula strengthens, plumps, and revitalises the complexion while keeping the skin hydrated and nourished.
Deeply moisturising anti-ageing day cream that repairs and strengthens skin
Hyaluronic Acid plumps skin and retains moisture
Vitamin complex hydrates and repairs damaged skin
Skin looks and feels softer and more radiant, whatever your age
Repairs and strengthens skin


Tried and tested: 
This repair serum was Dr Alexandrides first product he created that inspired the 111 skin line.
It’s amazing hydrating, volumizing, smoothing and anti wrinkle effects are instant and fantastic with a lovely floral scent.

This Repair Serum is the original product created by Dr. Alexandrides that inspired the 111SKIN range. The Repair Serum significantly boosts collagen production, supports cell regeneration and improves the elasticity of the skin. The result is instant hydration, effective volume enhancement, and a reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Anti-ageing serum builds volume, repairs and renews the skin
Calendula extract heals and soothes the skin
Amino acids improve skin elasticity
Aminocaproic acid heals, prevents scarring, calms and soothes skin
Excellent treatment for post-operative or laser treatments

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