Epic Blend – Body Care for the Wild, Free, & Fun

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Epic Blend is a body-care brand built for the wild, free, and fun.
They believe that beauty and body-care should feel special and fun.
Luxury without being ‘luxury’.
Like superfoods spiked with caffeine, they believe it can become a springboard for great things to come.

Coconut Lemon Body Wash

Tried and tested:
This epic blend body wash is all natural and vegan.
It lathers well and is protective and hydrating while cleansing and soothing the skin.
Available in 4 delicious scents coconut lemon, citrus mint, lemongrass and coconut Making shower and bath time extra delightful.

Hit the shower with this juicy blend and turn your smile dial up to 10. A combination of sweet coconut and zesty lemon – it’s the greatest combo since someone put peanut butter on chocolate. Now I’m hungry.
Not tested on animals

Lemongrass Hand & Body Lotion

Tried and tested:
The epic blend body and hand lotion is made of organic coconut oil, organic sunflower seed oil, vegetable glycerin, calendula, chamomile and green tea extract.
It is deeply hydrating without feeling oily or greasy and keeps the skin soft and smooth all day.
Available in coconut lemon, citrus mint, coconut, lemongrass and unscented.

Stay prime-time with this super-fresh super-invigorating lemongrass lotion. Coconut and sunflower oils for deep moisture, herbal extracts for healthy skin, and lemongrass essential oil to keep your flow rolling.
Not tested on animals

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