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Mender’s full spectrum CBD apothecary body essentials collection was developed by April Cole Worley and Vanessa Pisias.
All products are made using only clean ingredients: organic essential oils, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible and high-quality full-spectrum CBD extracted from non-GMO, pesticide-free hemp to balance and mend the body.

CBD Youth Serum

Tried and tested: 
The lovely youth serum boosts collagen production and cell regeneration, leaving skin plumper and deeply hydrated with a delightful scent.

Our Youth Serum boosts collagen production and supports hydration with full spectrum CBD while protecting against free-radicals and promoting cellular regeneration to improve skin quality and appearance.
In a base of locally sourced organic olive oil from the Templeton Gap AVA in California, our Youth Serum is rich in polyphenols, an antioxidant that aids in repairing and rejuvenating your skin by reversing signs of aging including sun spots and fine lines. Some studies have shown that using polyphenols on your skin can provide protection from cancers and other forms of sun damage.

CBD Body Butter

Tried and tested: 
This CBD whipped body butter is ultra hydrating and absorbs fast into the skin
Immune boosting vitamin A,E,D and B add extra love to plump skin with a delicious grapefruit, rosemary and vanilla scent.

Our full spectrum CBD infused whipped grass-fed tallow is rich in antioxidants, immune boosting vitamins A, E, D & B, and linoleic acid to heal, hydrate and plump your skin. Once applied, our Body Butter is quickly absorbed creating a natural skin-compatible barrier to help prevent and reverse signs of aging with a light scent of grapefruit, rosemary and earthy vanilla. Use daily and to protect against dry weather or extended time spent in pools or the sea.

CBD Deodorant

Tried and tested: 
The CBD deodorant is made from organic Shea butter and coconut oil.
The natural antibacterial elements found in CBD fight odor while baking soda combined with magnesium create a balanced PH.
Gentle enough to be used after shaving.

The natural antibacterial elements found in full spectrum CBD fight odor, while soft organic shea butter and coconut oil provide smooth, even, long-lasting coverage. Arrowroot works as a natural antiperspirant, and baking soda paired with magnesium team up to create a balanced pH to avoid rashes that baking soda alone can cause. Organic essential oils of vanilla, rosemary and grapefruit detoxify and harmonize with your natural scent while calming skin irritations due to shaving or chafing.
Our Deodorant has been tested and praised by yogis, hikers, builders, dancers, athletes and drummers, proving to be the best natural deodorant available for people who live in their bodies.

CBD Headache Roller

Tried and tested: 
This amazing headache roller truly treats tension and pain when applied to the temples with a soothing relaxing scent.

Our Headache Roller swiftly treats tension pain with a solution of full spectrum hemp-derived CBD oil, helichrysum, copaiba, marjoram—all known for their anti-inflammatory elements. Wintergreen, peppermint, basil, frankincense, and lavender elevate circulation with a bright scent profile for relaxed breathing.*
Copaiba, a Brazilian folk remedy containing a very powerful cannabinoid (beta-caryophyllene referred to as BCP), has been lab tested and found to be one of the most anti-inflammatory naturally occurring compounds yet discovered making our roller a reportedly very effective natural headache treatment.

CBD Lip Balm

Tried and tested: 
The CBD lip balm is lightly flavored with citrus and vanilla and provides long lasting hydration leaving lips soft and smooth.

Our lip balm is lightly flavored with a warm balance of bright citrus and earthy vanilla. Soft coconut oil infused with full spectrum hemp-derived CBD oil and organic beeswax provide your lips long-lasting hydration and protection from free-radicals, wind, dry weather and time spent in the sea.

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