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Nala is a free-form beauty line that marries science with nature, provides high quality, effective products, and encourages deep self-care. Free-from means Nala products will always be free from the worst offenders in the cosmetic world. This is our promise to you. At the most literal level, all our products are absent from the laundry list of toxic ingredients found in conventional cosmetics. When you choose a Nala product, you can be certain you’re choosing a solution that will not damage your health.

Detox: Peppermint & Activated Charcoal

Tried and tested:
This detox peppermint and activated charcoal is a highly effective formula to naturally draw out toxins out of the skin.
It applies easily with a fresh peppermint scent.
Your body may sweat more than usual and even smell a bit stronger but this is part of your body flushing out the toxic particles.
This process can take 1-2 weeks to adjust.
You can use this deodorant at night while you sleep or before a workout as your sweating anyway and use one of the other stronger free from deodorants during the day for more protection and use the charcoal detox at night while your body regulates.

Make the easy switch from conventional deodorants with our unisex Detox stick. An effective formula that is both refreshing and eliminating. Neutralize odor and wetness naturally with our pairing of energizing peppermint and detoxing charcoal. Safe and free from toxins, this aluminum-free deodorant and detox stick safely neutralizes underarm odor by using botanicals and scientifically validated ingredients of the highest quality.
The Detox is free from baking soda and our most gentle deodorant.

Personalized Nala Deodorant

Tried and tested:
The natural aluminum and toxin free personalized Nala deodorant is a perfect way of creating a Delightful deodorant right for your body.
It safely and effectively neutralizes underarm odor and wetness.
Available in three strengths sensitive skin   ( baking soda free)   regular strength and extra strength, then you choose your scent, unscented, citrus, eucalyptus, or woodsy.
Your own highly unique formula for happy healthy armpits and body.

My body’s needs are my own, and my needs may differ from day to day, moment to moment. I’m creating a deodorant fit for my individual and evolving needs. My body, my Nala.
All the moisture absorbing, odor-reducing and protective properties of our base formula without any of the scent. Perfect for those who work in scent-free environments or prefer to keep their routine simple and bare.

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